The Border remains deadly

– seven more people have died on the way to Lesvos.

Yesterday was again one of the days on Lesvos, when we don‘t know what to do. How to react to the message, that makes us cry. This morning in front of us, just a few kilometers off shore another shipwreck happened. The tragedy led to the death of seven people. As many others before, they risked their lifes together with 50 other people in a small boat which didn’t make it all the way and sank.

This shipwreck is no accident. The people who died are victims of
Fortress Europe, which still forces migrants to take this dangerous
route. There is no legal alternative to come.

In the same time, when people are dying due to this border, civil rescue teams face
repression, and are blocked and accused of working together with smugglers. With the same people who use the European migration politics to earn money off the desperation of people and don’t hesitate to overload tiny boats with 60 and more people.

Borders kill

love and rage