IV Lesvos 9/2020 – a retrospect

Beginning with September 8th 2020, the open air prison Moria burned to the ground. The new camp, which is worse than Moria, quickly became the ‘new normality’ and only few people remember and analyse the situation on Lesvos in September 2020. ON the pages linked below, we from No Border Kitchen published texts detailing our view of this situation. There will be a mix of facts and figures, personal experiences, histories and newspaper articles from this period of time.
As we not only want to keep the memory alive but also criticize the actions of the police, military and other actors, we don’t want to depict the fire in Moria as a singular, spontaneous event but as a predictable incident on which unaltered actions followed. For us, the situation on Lesvos in September is part of a continuous history of migration policies and oppression that we need to think of when trying to develop possibilities of change.


Category 1: Moria CampĀ 

Category 2: the night of the fire

Category 3: blockade/LIDL-area

Category 4: Government

Category 5: police and repression

Category 6: fascists

Category 7: NGOs

Category 8: EU (-states)

Category 9: the new camp and camps in Greece

Category 10: selfreflection