Inhuman practices continue

It is is silent around Lesvos, while inhuman practices continue. The cold has arrived, and with it the people are stuck, without heating and with the police left without supervision to act as they see fit.All of this while they are building our worst nightmare, the new closed “reception centre”. When they have their closed prison, years of lobbying, anti-migration populism and structural racism will have reached it’s practical next step. A one dimensional idea of the “refugee” used as a tool to stir xenophobic and racist fears that, with the closed prisons as an Idol of the current state of europe.

The right wing populist parties of the continent serve as a distraction for the bourgois social democrats and liberals. They are the ones responsible for designing, perfecting and maintaining Fortress Europe. They are the ones that are coming up with new migration pacts where they introduce more and more repressive measures with the excuse of “pleasing the populists” whilst simultaniously publicly denoucing them. Nation states negotiate in quota’s, reducing human beings to numbers that can be traded like cattle or done away with through money. Single men, already the most stimagised group at the moment, will not stand a chance. Meanwhile the racist populists get a public platform to normalise their idea’s, all the while the middle parties put the same idea’s into practice.

All established political parties advocate for stricter migration laws, and borders in general. A capitalist, oppressive society can only exist when there is an “us” and “them”, and the future inhabitans of the closed prison will suffer for it. Locked up, with fast track procedures based on dirty deals with supposedly safe countries like Afghanistan. How can human rights be observed in fast track procedures? After all the stories from Moria, Moria 2.0, Vathy and Vial, how can the greek state possibly be deemed capable of treating people in a human way?

Despite the slogans and campaigns, these people will be left behind. In countries like Poland and Hungary, we can see the future of europe. Not only for migration, but for all who dare to be different from the post-christian normative status-quo under the rule of law.

No Border Kitch Levos stands in solidarity with comrades in Belarus, Poland and all others that resist this possible dystopian future. As times are bleak, and the darkness of winter surrounds us, we know we are not alone. We are many united in one struggle that includes migration, women’s rights, anti fascism and many others. We fight together in many different places, for many different reasons, but united by our hatred of capitalism and it’s white supremacist foundations. Together, our fire will shine a light on the darkness of the winter of the pandemic.

Get Angy. Organise.