In the struggle for a world free of borders, the squats throughout Europe have facilitated places where we could come together and create safe spaces, where we could be together on equal footing, free of the xenophobic attitudes of the world at large. Places like City Plaza and others have shown us windows to a future worth fighting for.


Because this extra-parlamentiary expression of political self-determination is invaluable. In greece and around the world squatting has given countless people spaces to organi themselves, share struggles and explore ungoverned ways of living, or simply a roof over their heads. This has given rise to infrastruture and confrontation in the streets of the big cities in europe where we fought for every meter. We fought against the systematic destruction of our communities through gentrification and repression. We used our spaces to develop different ways of working and living together. We intergrated ourselves in the struggles of cities and neighbours. While the fires burnt away the old world, we erected barricades to protect the new, and used the delaptated abandoned buildings to create new opportunities. The sound of the crowbar on the hammer, each hit an act of autonomy, the cracking of the lock the a symbol of our determination, and behind the door an utopia waiting to be discovered.

We will not back down. No amount of state violence can make us move. Instead we will stand our ground together, and we will fight to protect what we have pried from the cold hands the upper classes, politicans and cops, to make a better world without property, oppression, classes or borders. No Border Kitchen stands in solidarity with Mpineo, all off Exarchia and other squats in Greece as the proposed goverment deadline of 6th of december approaches.