Current Situation on Lesvos

Dear people,

Close to 3000 registered refugees (UNHCR report Lesvos daily statistics 7/7/2016) plus an unknown number of unregistered people are stuck on Lesvos, Greece. Since the conclusion of the EU-Turkey Deal and the closure of the Macedonian border the situation on the Island has changed a lot. After a period of few boat arrivals to Lesvos, the media attention has moved to other Hotspots in Europe.
However, people are still stuck here waiting for the process of their asylum applications in order to be able to leave the Island. They are forced to spend their days in the overcrowded and highly fenced Hot Spot Moria, their only alternative being the hot and sometimes hostile streets of Mytilene.
In the last days, boats also started arriving on a daily basis again, so we expect the situation to get worse in future.

As you can see on the following pictures, the conditions in Moria are still inhuman: