On to new adventures…

Things are changing quickly here on Lesvos. The situation for migrants in Greece is getting worse (to get an impression of the current situation of migrants in Greece check out the Facebook page “You CAN’T evict a movement” https://www.facebook.com/YouCANTevictamovement/ ).
After many intense discussions about our food distribution close to Moria and the general policy here we agreed that we cannot continue providing food for people living in Moria. We are not willing to support this system and the way that people are treated in Moria.
Telling our friends in Moria that we would stop with food distribution after Monday June 27th was bitter for our whole team. However, we are convinced that it was a neccessary step in order to not give up on our political principles.

Nevertheless, we continue to cook for people living in the forests and therefore we still distribute food at Tsamakia Beach and on the way up to Moria.
Our team has grown to be enormous during the last days and since we have finally found a good place to create a social center, that is our main focus right now.
Thanks to our motivated and enthusiastic team, converting our ruin to a space where people can spend their day, eat, prepare for their interviews, receive information about the current situation in Greece and Europe in general, read, play,…and whatever else they wish to do, does not seem like an impossible task. It rather seems to be a challenge that everybody is more than happy to take on.

Our goal is to create a place collaboratively with those who will use it. Therefore we only decided to give out food and prepare the above listed things – all other ideas for projects that we will eventually offer at the social center will be collected from the people who come once it is open.

We will all give our best to make sure this project will work out and we are always happy to get any kind of support – whether it is financial aid, donated material, helping hands or spreading information!

We have a high need of construction and other materials since we try to keep our expences low and many special tools are very expensive on this island. If you are planning on coming here and you have some space left in your bag it would be great if you check out our file “Material Needed“ to see what is urgently needed. Of course we will cover the costs if you cannot find it as donation – in case of higher expenses please contact us via email before buying.

Thanks so much for all the support!