Forced Stop of Hunger strike

After three days of hunger strike the prisoners in Moria were forced to eat again. There have been several concerning allegations of police violence during the week, which people inside have told their friends through the fence. A special-forces police unit was present for the duration of the strike, with a brand of violence reportedly even more severe than usual. Detainees were removed from their cells for interrogation and at least one of them was beaten.

Apart from a few brief exchanges, shouted across, we still don’t know the details of what happened inside the prison to stop the strike. Police have blocked prisoners’ usual communication channels with each other and with the outside world.

The prisoners went on hunger strike to demand their freedom and to have their voices heard. The police did, and continue to do everything they can to prevent this. They were not alone – last week (?) police also violently suppressed a hunger strike in Paranesti detention centre.

The suppression of this hunger strike makes clear the determination of the state and its attack dogs to stifle the voices of people incarcerated in detention centres, pre-removal centres and prisons everywhere. We must not forget, that the a hunger strike is the last resort if all other possibility’s of protest have been stripped from you. By committing to this, people have to struggle against their survival instinct, because it’s the only option they have left. What kind of measures against them can make them also lose this option.

We demand a world free of prisons. A world free of police brutality and uniforms. A world where no human can be incarcerated for being born in the “wrong” part of the world, the colour of their skin or their sexual orientation. We demand immediate closure of Moria, and of all structures that produced and depend on it.

We demand and fight for the end of this system built on and sustained by cages, prisons and violence.

Free all prisoners in Moria
Shut down the prison and the whole camp.
Shut down all Detenion Centers