Difficult days and restructuring of No Border Social Center

Dear friends and supporters of NBK-Lesvos,

We have some very intense, sad and busy days behind us that we want to share with you.

In the past weeks there have been repeated violent conflicts in the Social Center and the surrounding squats. After an escalation a few days ago we reluctantly and with sadness decided to close the Social Center for the time being.

We will not and cannot go on like this.

A few days ago we witnessed an attack on friends in the Social Center because of their nationality. Unfortunately it was not the first attack of this kind in the Social Center. We see this as directly in contradiction to what we are trying to create at NoBorder and we don’t know how we can continue working with the people who were the perpetrators of these aggressions. The bigger part of NBK left the building, but many of our friends still live in the Social Center and surrounding squats who had nothing to do with the attacks. Some of us still live in these squats and a few supporters have decided to remain in the Social Center.

On thing is clear for most of us: we have to restructure and reorganize.

Our Social Center is supposed to be a safe space. Its is meant to be a place without the violence that people face in Moria on a daily basis. To create such a place we have to work together on it, now more than ever. We want a social Center where we meet each other with respect.

In the moment we are discussing and working a lot and we do not know how exactly NoBorderKitchen and the NoBorderSocialCenter will evolve in the next weeks.

So much is clear though:

We stay!

We cook!

We support the people in the squats!

We continue our political work!

Still we are cooking several hundred portions a day for Tsamakia Beach and still we support the people in the squat with all the essential things.

Please understand if we need some time at the moment and cannot react to requests that fast.

We are still active and we still need your solidarity.

As always with a lot of Love and Rage,

your NBK-Crew