Last Monday: Liberation of Prisoners and Riots in Moria

Today on Monday September 19th around 50 refugees that were locked up in the closed area of Moria camp liberated themselves with help of their comrades in Moria camp. They were assisted by refugees outside of the closed area to run out of the prison and protect themselves from their awaiting deportations.
After that the people went to the EASO office inside Moria camp to demand answers, why they were supposed to be deported. The staff from EASO refused to speak to the refugees and fled the office. This led to a lot of anger within the refugees. Following that people at least 600 people inside Moria protested loudly and some also burnt trash and blankets.

Today the refugees inside Moria camp showed clearly that they will not simply accept the worsening of the conditions in the camp and will protest against Europe closing the doors in front of them.

Solidarity with all refugees fighting Fortress Europe and solidarity with everybody imprisoned by Europe’s border regime. Until everyone is free!