After the squat is before the squat: Welcome to Malaka beach!

Tuesday this week a few friendly policemen encouraged us insistently take down our Social Center at the Beach near Mytilini. But no problem for us, a new Noborder Resort is on the way already!

Chapter one: Chief P. gets serious.

Tuesday this week we woke up to the sound of four police cars arriving at our Social Center: it was Chief of Police P. and his gang. Since a few weeks we were squatting a beach near Mytilini, after being evicted from the building just across the road. Until tuesday the harassment of the local police (the neighbours apparently don’t like us) had just been menaces, but now it was an ultimatum: go away or we will tear down your camp and arrest you within the next hour. To make the point clear, they destroyed a few of our „welcome pallets“ with a giant mechanical arm. The joke’s on them, we had already decided to remove that pallets as the beach was too dusty anyways for our taste. Since we didn’t want our stuff to get stolen by Papasouglu’s gang, we decided to unbuild the camp. Right now only desolation, a forgotten backpack and a couple of dirty pallet-beds stand where once was our lively social center.

Chapter two: Welcome to Malaka Beach!
The Social Center was gone, and the crew was demotivated. We’d been looking for other possible places for weeks, and noone seemed suitable. Then a rumor started to spread: a nice place, hidden, calm, with no unfriendly neighbors, and nearer to Moria than our old Social Center.
Is it a dream?
Welcome to Malaka Beach!
Near the road to Moria around 40 minutes walk from downtown Mytilini you’ll find our new Noborder Resort. Activists without and with papers are working day and night to make it beautiful and provided with all the comforts. Putting tents and shady places, trying to find a toilet-solution and smoking cigarettes on what may be the most beautiful beach in the surroundings of Mytilini: a new social center is being built!
We are there to stay and build something beautiful so stay tuned!