Finally opened but your help is more needed than ever!

Dear Friends,

yesterday was the day we’ve all worked hard to reach: finally, we opened the No Border Social Center!!!

It is located on the main road from Moria to Mytilini, where many refugees pass by each day in order to flee the overcrowded and inhuman facilities of Moria.

The first day was a huge success:
After only few people had arrived until midday, the news got spread very fast in the afternoon and a lot of people came by – women and men, children and adults. Some were chatting in the main hall, drinking tea and coffee while having some snacks.
Others just wanted to take a short nap or play some board games. The children were playing in the yard, on the playground or drawing pictures in the children’s room.
The Center, moreover, includes a little shop which gives out clothes for free.

Many of the people we had seen and talked to yesterday entered the place again today, bringing with them friends and family.

Altogether, the athmosphere was extremely peaceful and the two last days have clearly shown how urgently needed a place like No Border Social Center is. However, as some of you might already know, the owner of this building – Alpha Bank – wants us out and the Social Center closed. They gave us a deadline to leave the place until Sunday evening,
and threatened to evict us if we won’t leave. However, they also agreed to enter new negotiations on Monday morning.

This is why we need YOUR support right now! If it is somehow possible for you, write mails, letters and faxes to Alpha Bank, call them or twitter, post something on their facebook page…just let them know how important it is that we can remain in this building!

Spread the word, tell your friends and family that their help is urgently needed!
Thank you all so much!

Together we stand, divided we fall!

Adress Alpha Bank Athens:

Diefthinsi Promithion Periousias Kai Asfalias
Leoforos Athinon 103
104 47 Athens

Phone: 0030 210 343 6801
Fax: 0030 210 343 6815