Moria 2.0 is a prison

Moria 2.0 is a prison.

The new camp is expanding every day. The authorities publish orwellian statements to force people to go inside the new structure. As the new fences arise, the crimininalisation of solidarity continues. The authorities have released a slew of statements that imply that solidarity workers are “using and exploiting migrants for their own interest”. For some years, and not only in Greece, conservative and outright racist political parties, groups and newssources have been using this narritive, with high succes. As the populace votes, political parties use their position to turn this narritive into law and practice.

As people are seduced, forced and blackmailed to go into the new camp, the goverment of greece does its best to not only ensnare their voter base with populist rhetoric, but also convince the migrants to act against their own best interest. Most of the tents in the camp are incomplete, providing only shelter against the sun. But with the autumn on the way accompanied by heavy wind and rain, this is not enough. There is not enough food and water, it is given out only once a day. Once again there are long lines. There are not enough water points. Social distancing is impossible. There is no proper medical care. People’s movement is once again constricted. The authorities, the greek goverment and the european union are conspiering to cover up that they are rebuilding Moria, and continuing the dehumanizing and racist policies. And when the twenty four hour news cycle lose interest in the people trapped on this Island it will be business as usual.