Saturday 17th of March 12:00 @Safos Square Protest against the EU-Turkey deal.

Broad Demonstration against the second anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal!
This Saturday the 17th of March 12:00 @Safos Square!

But this is not the only place where demonstrations will take place that day.
Don’t let the Anniversary go by unnoticed! Find your local initiatives and get to the streets!

With the anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal coming up, it will be two years since the European goverments signed this deal with the devil. The despot Edrogan keeps bombing Afrin while the Eu looks on, forcing even more people to flee their homes. They claim to represent fancy words “civilisation” and “democracy” but turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions, that they have an active part causing.

No More! #openthefuckingborders