Refugee in wheelchair deported to Turkey

On Thursday December 14th 8 people were deported back to Turkey under EU-Turkey-Deal. Among them was one man in a wheelchair. Only two weeks ago another severly sick refugee that could not even walk by himself was forcefully deported back to Turkey, and prior to that two families with small children.
Maybe the deportation of the person in the wheelchair was legal. Maybe it could not have been stopped. But if it was legal is not the only question we need to ask ourselves.
The question we need to ask is HOW can it be legal?
How can obviously vulnerable refugees be sent back to an obviously unsafe country?
How will they be able to access decent medical care in a cramped and unhygienic detention center in Turkey?
What future will they have?
How did it happen that the EU politics and laws are so corrupt and inhuman that they allow the most vulnerable people to be sent to places where they will definitely NOT get the care they need and decent live that they deserve?

Stop deportations NOW!
Freedom of Movement for All!