Call for Donations: NoBorderKitchen Lesvos needs your support!

Once again we are almost broke and urgently need money to continue our work.

We are an anti-hierarchical, self-organized group of activists with and without papers from all over the world, with the shared aim of overcoming the borders and restrictions that impede freedom of movement.
As well as providing food in order to support the autonomy of those living outside of the state-run camps, we do other political work to resist the border regime, and fight together for a world where we are all recognised equally as humans.

What we need the money for:

Food provision is only one of many parts of our work, but it is by far the area in which we spend the majority of our money. Every month we support more than 300 people with food boxes which enable them to live and cook autonomously. For most, our support allows them the possibility of living outside the miserable, state-run camp, and making their homes in their own flats and squats instead. The demand for the boxes is huge and we currently have a long waiting list. We always hope to be able to support more people in future, but even continuing to support those we already provide for demands more funds than we currently have!

For people we cannot currently support with food boxes, and for those who don’t have cooking facilities, we also organise a daily distribution of hot food of around 80 meals a day. This is also important as an opportunity for meeting each other and chatting over a nice cup of rice and salad, and building networks of solidarity on the island.

Delivering foodboxes and meals involves a lot of driving which means we spend a lot of money on fuel, car repairs etc. At the moment we are also readying the kitchen for winter and so urgently need to buy building materials.

Food is not everything – we also support people in other ways when we have the financial means. This includes a range of things, for example providing support to our friends in detention.

If you cannot donate yourself, you could help us by doing solidarity-parties or other fundraisers in your hometown and sending us the proceeds. Even just spreading the info about NoBorderKitchen can be very useful!

Please contact us for the bank details via or on facebook.

Follow our Facebook (“No Border Kitchen Lesvos”) and our Twitter (“@noborderkitchen”) for information on the situation on Lesvos and for updates on the work your support will enable.