Building Solidarity and Confronting Conflict (plus destroying fascism)

As most of you know it has been a difficult and changing time for No Border Kitchen in the last months. There has been violence and conflicts within the group as well as a a split between members of No Border Kitchen. As a result of the on-going conflict and as an attempt to move forward we have decided to ask one member of No Border Kitchen to leave the group and all organizing structures.

We define our group with anti-authoritarian, anti-sexist, anti-fascist principles and acts. This has been hindered by a member who continues to act with violent, sexist, patriarchal and hierarchical behaviour.

The decision was not made lightly. It has been a very difficult process and this process will continue as excluding one person does not solve all structural problems we are facing while working in No Border Kitchen.

We feel it is important to communicate this information because we know that many groups struggle with conflict between members and often have to ask an individual to leave. We want to be honest about these problems and how we are finding solution for them.

In the last months we were not able to have a group process and come to a decision because there were too many urgent concerns that took priority. We have learned now that if we are in conflict with the police and the Greek government and the borders we cannot be wasting time fighting our comrades. We will now be able support others better if we have solidarity and common principles within our group.

To all the people who have been or are currently involved in NBK from outside Lesvos, please contact us with any questions.

Love and Rage

Your NBK crew