More repression on the island, several people arrested yesterday

Recently more and more people got controlled by the police in the streets of mitilini and on their way back to the camps. After severlal arrestations in the last days and some repression against activists, the police also came to the squats.

Yesterday morning the police was checking the former social center two times and on their second „visit“ they took 14 people from different communities with them. Two people were released in the afternoon yesterday. The situation for the rest of the people is still unclear.  According to the informations we have right now, we cannot confirm if 6 people are going to be released in the next two days. 6 other people didn´t want to apply for asylum, so they are stuck in the prison of Moria for now.

They were frightening people and didn´t even let us talk to them to get their full names for looking for help by the lawyer.

Depending on their papers, some of them where sent to sector B, where people are kept until they can be deported.  Also in the streets people were arrested.

The athmosphere is tense at the moment, people are already afraid of deportations back to Turkey and the police is trying to scare them even more. It is pretty unclear what is happening at the moment.

“It is getting really unconfortable on the island, but we will remain! We fight together!”