Bangladesh Demonstration

On the15th of December 90 people from Bangladesh got their results of the Asylumcase. 89 are rejected and are open for deportation after a long and dangerous journey.

They donĀ“t want to accept this decission and made a demonstration for 2 days.
The police tried to end this demonstration in a violent way. Some people got hurt.

We supported this demonstration with food.
This is a quote from their demnads.
“We are refugees who are helpless, landless and moneyless; as a result, have lost everything. We approached here just for shelter. Most people have lost their parents attempting to make the journey. We are seeking the aid from a higher step of humanity in order to seek refuge; we risked our lives across the harsh rivers and fierce oceans. Why come here? Back home, we were faced with problems where heartedly grateful to now be in a democratic country which cherishes human rights. Our futures are much brighter and safer here. Our request, please let us move from Lesvos island by giving permission to go mainland.”