Another eviction coming up. They can evict us but not destroy our solidarity and our rage!

Our day started with bad news. Today morning on Tuesday October 18th the police came by to our Social Center to announce the eviction of the place. According to them we will be evicted in 5 days.

This eviction would be the 4th eviction of Noborderkitchen this year. What will be destroyed will be not only a few tents on a windy beach but two months work of building a refuge and temporary home for all of us. We will not give up this place so easily! What they cannot destroy, and what they couldn’t destroy in any of the prior eviction is our solidarity and our rage towards the oppression and violence that the people seeking refuge in Europe face everyday on this Island. We were standing together in the last evictions and we didn’t give up. More than that we managed to build something new and beautiful every time they tried to stop us. We will also stand together this time, and we will not stay silent while the state is extending the repression towards refugees every day and trying to destroy all autonomous places refugees on this island build for themselves.

We will continue to fight!

The eviction happens in the same time of the government deporting more and more people back to Turkey, in the same time of the disgusting deal with Afghanistan, in the same time of the erection of more and more walls in Europe and also in the same time of the destroying of other autonomous places like the Calais Jungle. While the Social Center might look like only a beach where people drink tea, its much more than that to all of us. Its a place for friendship, solidarity and resistance.

If we have to go, we will come back.

Now more than ever we will need your support! With the eviction and also the coming winter we will need more supporters to come and join us. Read our call out here. Also if you can support us otherwise check our blog or contact us by mail.

Together we stand!

Your NBK team