Afghanistan is not safe! 6th subsequent Saturday demonstration



Yesterday’s weekly protest march was much influenced by the latest shameful deal that the European Union has concluded with Afghanistan. The deal allows Europe to deport an unlimited number of asylum seekers with Afghani citizenship back to Afghanistan.
Not willing to accept this dodgy deal, around 150 refugees gathered in the center of Mytillini yesterday to protest against it.

The treaty with Afghanistan shows that the EU would stop at nothing to keep out people that are seeking for international protection. To declare the war-torn country as safe enough to deport people back to where the Taliban just now has taken over the control in Kunduz again and where currently over 10.000 people are fleeing from, reveals the ignorance and bloody hypocrisy of the European state leaders. To restore the walls of fortress Europe that were shattered by the autonomous movement of thousands of people last year, they are not ashamed to abolish the humans rights gradually.

In this week’s protest especially families, women, children and elderly people came to express their anger. Walking along the harbor, people were powerfully shouting slogans as “Afghanistan is not safe!”, “Stop deportation” and “Moria is prison! Close Moria”.

We stopped in front of the police station demanding for freedom and humans rights as illegalized persons are constantly under risk to be profiled and detained behind bars. The continuing march stopped in front of the locked gate to the port. This stopover was symbolic as all persons arriving after the enactment of the EU-Turkey deal are being denied entrance to the port so they cannot get on the ferries that bring them to the mainland.

The demonstration ended at the central square of Saphou where the protesting crowd disturbed the daily serenity of inhabitants and tourists sitting in the surrounding cafe’s and bars.

We will not stop fighting for freedom!
No one is free until everyone is free!