You kill us, open the borders! Demonstration in Mytilini


Many people from Moria camp protested yesterday and demanded a solution from EU for their horrible situation here on the island. First the people demonstrated in a central square with a sit-in and then walked through the city towards the port. While walking their shouts “we want freedom” could be heard way beyond the ports gates.

Everyday boats with refugees cross the sea from Turkey to Lesbos. The arriving people are imprisoned in Moria-camp, that was established as a so called hot-spot in March. The conditions there are unbearable and are getting worse every day. Lacking food, broken showers and totally overcrowed sleeping areas are the daily life in the camp. “We are humans, not animals” stated one person in the protest, and said that even anaimals have a more rights and a better life in Greece than the people in Moria.

But not only the humanitarian conditions need to be critizised. Moria camp is a prison, surrounded by barbed wire and protected by the military. The fences of the camp reflect europes fences: not only Moria is a prison, for most people all Lesbos is. Not able to leave to Athens or another European country to acces their right to asylum, and also not allowed to return to Turkey, people are trapped on the island. The duration of their imprisonment unknown.

We want freedom! Shouted the people in Mytilinis streets.

We also want freedom, we want to destroy all borders and end europes war in migrants.

Freedom of Movement for all!
Make fortress europe history!