Demonstration in the centre of Mytilini


Yesterday on Tuesday August 9th about 200 people from Moria organized and walked the way from Moria into Mytilinis centre to show their protest against the closed borders and against the bad conditions in the Moria camp. The demonstration was initiated and organized by Eritrean and Ethiopian people. While walking through the city all of the people togehter shouted their demands and made their voices heard.They were shouting that
„Moria is a jail, not a refuge“
„Moria is a prison.“
„Open the borders. „
„No one is illegal“
„Freedom for all“
„Equal Rights for everyone“
„Human Rights for everyone“
„Give us papers“
„We are human beings!“ and
„We need justice.“
When the demonstration was at the port they faced the Frontex ship, showed them their banners and shouted „Open the borders!“.
There were two banners at the front, one saying „Human rights for refugees“ and the other one „5 people in one tent? Where is the European Union?“. Also they were demanding „We need a solution“ and made clear that being inoprisoned in Moria is not a solution. In contrary, it is part of the problem. We need a real solution. We need the borders to be opened so everybody can freely move to a country of their choice.