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Coming to Lesvos
If you want to be part of No Border Kitchen Lesvos, you are welcome to contact us and come to Lesvos. We are especially looking for people who join us for a longer period. Short stays are possible, but not recommended. A minimum of 6 weeks is generally encouraged, since we don’t want to be a short-stay holidarity location for Europeans who are looking for a cheap vacation, it needs some time to get into the work and decide where you want to be active. Generally we cannot offer accommodation, but we might be able to give advise how to find a place.

Please write us a mail or call us before you are coming! If we don’t know you we will not decide in advance about a common work. We always need some people that can get involved in organizing the daily work but also we are more than happy if you bring new ideas and projects with you. We work as a group but encourage autonomy and independence of the people involved.

The situation is changing a lot, but if you contact us shortly before your arrival we can share more information on the situation in the island and answer practical questions like “How can I get to Lesvos?” “Where can I sleep?” “What should I bring?”.

Buying food, up keeping the material and maintaining the equipment costs money. Therefore we are in constant need of funds. If you have some money you would like to give, it would be very welcome!
If you want to organise a benefit, awesome! You can contact us and we can provide you with current information, material and if possible somebody that has been active with NBK that can facilitate a talk/presentation.

Donations can be made to:

Stichting Feniks
IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0254 8159 60
Reference “NBK”

Contact us for cash donations.

Please do not send money to the accounts Rote Hilfe Salzwedel and Sarah Przybilla anymore.

Some things are very hard to get on this island – especially for low prices. If you are planning on coming here or you know someone who is and you would like to send stuff, here are some suggestions – but again please contact beforehand to see our specific needs at this moment!

bagpacks (30–50l)
cheap tobacco or cigarettes (for example from Macedonia or Turkey)
blankets, sleeping bags, tarps

Spices&Herbs. Especially curry mixes like massala.
Food (rice, pasta, lentils, oil, tomato cans, sugar, tea, potatoes, vegetables, fruits…)

all kind of (power) tools and machines
Used electric tools

Hygiene items:
toothbrushes, toothpaste, pads, soap, shampoo

Please contact us in advance to know what kind of clothes are needed at the moment since our storage capacities are limited.